SCHROEDER’S ALL AMERICAN HOMES is an independent dealer that is proud to represent both CHAMPION HOMES and COMMODORE HOMES. Champion Home Builders have 23 plants across North American and Europe as of June 2014. They are one of the largest manufacturers of MODULAR homes in the world and we work with the ATLANTIC HOMES plant in York, NE. Champion Homes is headquartered in Troy, Michigan and has produced over 1.7 million factory built homes since 1953. The York, NE plant opened in 1960 and has produced Redman, Champion and Atlantic Homes.

Commodore Homes is a private/Family owned company and has five manufacturing plants with three of them located in Pennsylvania.  Their furthest west plant is Commodore Homes of Indiana.  Indiana is the American heartland for the production of RV’s, and motor homes, manufactured homes and modular homes.  They are able to buy materials at the most competitive prices in the country and the intense competition within the industry has been to increase the quality higher and higher as the years go by.  COMMODORE HOMES has many standard features in all of their homes which exceed the IRC/UBC codes which are required in all modulars.  Such features as insulated duct work, dove tail drawer construction, architectural shingles and additional structural supports are a few examples of standard features built in all COMMODORE HOMES.  They also offer many options not offered by most Manufacturers in this part of the country.  Usable attic space, 75 pound drawer hinges, and solid core countertops are but a few examples.

Our purpose in business at SCHROEDER’S ALL AMERICAN HOMES is to provide our customers with the best choices at the best prices in the MODULAR Industry.  We publish our prices on the WEB for the whole world to see.  Our goal is to treat every customer the way we would want to be treated if we were buying a MODULAR homes.  The GOLDEN RULE is alive and well in Cheyenne, WY.

This web site has been designed to give people PRICING INFORMATION required to make a good housing decision.  All published prices include delivery and set-up. Prices also include both interior and exterior finish as well as carrier frame rental.  MOD seal and one year drywall crack repair if needed.  Not included in the price are options and construction costs required of your home.  Estimates for these costs can be found by clicking above. 

For pictures and specific floor plan information on the homes we carry, please visit: and www.COMMODORE-IN.COM.

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