Modular Manufactured Home Advantages

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  1. Price, price, price, and quality. Because Champion and Commodore Homes builds thousands of homes a year, they get the very best price on materials by buying by the trainload. HUD Homes can be delivered & set for as little as $105 / sq. ft. UBC/IRC homes are $4 - $5 / sq. ft. more.

  2. Materials used to build the home are stored inside and never exposed to rain, snow, sunlight or other damaging conditions. This ensures that these materials remain in excellent condition and produces cost savings in construction.

  3. Plumbing and duct work are fully enclosed in the same blanked on insulation which virtually eliminates the danger of freeze-up on manufactured homes.

  4. The skilled people who build manufactured and modular housing work inside, away from the weather, so working conditions are always optimal. This creates an environment where top-quality work can be carried out at peak efficiency.

  5. Operations such as electrical installation are insulation are carried out from outside the walls. Not only does this make the work easier and more efficient, with a more exposed work area, quality control can be significantly better.

  6. Work on manufactured housing is far more specialized than with conventional, site-built homes. They do the same job day after day which not only makes them better but also faster.

  7. Because Modular homes are factory-built as units, testing and inspection can be carried out in a much more rigorous fashion than with site-built homes. Integrity of electrical systems is tested with high voltage and water systems are tested by applying high pressure air.

  8. Manufactured homes must meet strict standards. Inspections are carried out by highly trained, accredited inspectors.

  9. Delivery times for manufactured homes average 6 to 8 months post COVID up to 13 months same manufacturer from the time the home is orderd.

  10. Manufactured Homes must travel down the highway experience 70 mph winds. Have you ever seen how fast a conventional home travels down the road? If it has to be moved.

Manufactured homes offer a cost effective alternative to conventional construction methods. In today's expensive housing market, a growing number of buyers are seeking more affordable options. Manufactured housing is continuing to meet the challenge with quality built, aesthetically pleasing manufactured and modular homes.


Today's manufactured home offers choices to fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets:

  • Affordability, relative to other construction methods.

  • Constructed in a controlled environment by full-time builders.

  • Homes are built on time, on budget, and to exacting specifications.

  • Construction supervised by Quality Control personnel.

  • Factory production enhances energy efficiency.

  • Homes range in size from 900 to 3,000 sq. ft. for ranch-style or multi-level dwellings.

  • A host of standard plans can be customized to suit particular tastes and lifestyles.

  • Home options include... skylight, Jacuzzi tubs, bay windows, fireplaces, wood stoves, appliance packages, usable attic space, quality cabinets, etc...

  • Garages and carports may be added on site.